Driving behind death

Driving home from the city, back to my cabin in the woods, I was careful of the wet road conditions.

My windshield wipers were swooshing full speed, as the rain drops began to obscure my view. The snow has melted in my area of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The creeks began to over flow today, moving rocks and debris from the creek floor, onto the roads, creating dangerous driving conditions.

I was almost home, getting ready to turn onto my exit when I heard a strong voice shoot through my body, “STOP!” It was like soft thunder, rattling me enough to pay full attention, and so I carefully pulled off on the side of the road.

I stayed in place for 20 seconds, and I saw something I have never seen before, a dark moving deity. I can describe it as the known “angel of death.” I felt a black mist of doom pass me by. I immediately knew that death was all around me.

I didn’t question this experience, since it was similar to the one I had when I was 17 years old. A group of my highschool friends had planned to skip classes for the day and sneak into an old building for a party.  That morning getting ready for school, I felt that sense of doom. Right as I was about to leave the front door, I heard that same voice tell me, “STAY HOME!”

I remember having a short debate with my mother. But she allowed me to stay home that day. Later in the evening I received a phone call that my group of friends that I was supposed to be with earlier, had been in a terrible car accident. One had died, one became paralyzed and the others were critically injured.

I knew without a shadow of doubt, even beyond my own skepticism, I had to immediately stop on the side of the road.

I slowly began to drive back onto the freeway. I had chills running through my body. I am not a stranger when it comes to having run ins with near death experiences. Drowning in a river when I was an 11 year old girl, caused me to be sensitive to the worlds of life and death.

I continued driving, knowing that any second death was going show its face. I saw a car with a young mother and two children in it. I purposely drove in front of her and slowed my speed down to almost an annoying halt.

I began to pray, my breath gave blessings to my family. I prayed to be forgiven of my sins, and I prayed for forgiveness for those who have sinned against me. I prayed for the souls around me. I prayed that we’d enter heaven with an unconditional embrace, and that we would not be doomed to repeat any negative past life karma, in the next life. I prayed we brought abundance into the afterlife and our next human story.

As we drove up the hill, a truck began spinning through the sky. It was like a scene from a horror film. A silver truck came towards me, as another car came falling through the sky.

I am not sure if they collided on the over head freeway ramp, but they were both tumbling through the air. The silver truck hit the ground, and the impact made an explosion sound!

It was happening in slow motion. It was the similar sensation of drowning in the river. I felt my lungs filling up, my breath being taking away. The reflection of the sun above my head, moving further and further away from me, immersing into dark waters.

The silver truck hit the ground and bounced back, opposite and away from where I was driving. Boom! As metallic shards flew across the wet freeway. People were screaming out of their windows, a few cars had stopped on the side of road to see if there were any survivors.

I saw the young mother with her two children from my rear view mirror with a facial expression of shock, as she moved away from the accident.

Through my “third eye” I saw a flash of white light move through the scene. There’s no way anyone could have survived that terrible accident. I was 20 seconds away from death, when God, or an angel, or some divine guardian intervened on my behalf.

This is the plight of a Shaman or mystic, to walk between the worlds of life and death, both the seen and unseen worlds or our existence.

When death is near you, all you can do is cling to life. Death itself is not terrifying, its our reaction of being cut off from this life and not being ready to go that terrifies us. The deity or angel of death, is actually a dark cloud of compassion, gentleness and peace. A guide to the next realm.

I have learned to listen to that still small voice and allow it to guide me through wonderful and dangerous situations. The western world will cause you to question your sanity and dismiss this intuitively divine warning system.

I pray the souls involved in that terrible accident will be at peace. I a reminded to stay connected to the higher world of heaven and root myself deeply into earth, through morning and nightly prayers. Give gratitude for life, for family, for the breath that moves through our lungs and allows us to experience this precious life.

In death we are taught to hunger for life. To take the reins and embrace life for all it can give us to through the gift of experiences, and feel every aspect of our finite mortality.

Please be safe on the roads and don’t wait to tell the your loved ones how much they mean to you. In the end, all you will take with you is your memories of how you felt. Always make others feel loved.



3 Replies to “Driving behind death”

    1. Thank you for your ending sisterly support. Your care and change of focus, really helped evening. Love you Shaman sister Dawn!


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