The Hamsa and the evil eye

You often see these as keychains, or hanging in new age stores. But, what is their origin and meaning?

The origin of the Hamsa is actually from the Islamic tradition and has nothing to do with Judaism.

It’s a safeguard and protection from the “evil eye” and various versions of bad luck.
This is also known as the “Hand of Fatima.”

Fatima,  is the daughter of prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.
The five fingers, stand for the five commandments of Islam, and the promises that a person of the Muslim faith fulfills to enter paradise.

1) Pilgrimage to Mecca, once in a life time.
2)Public declaration of Islam
3)Giving charity
4)Fasting at Ramadan
5)Praying five times a day, facing Mecca.

Originally the hamsa was used to protect from ghosts and demons. It was believed if a house was abandoned, unclean spirits would enter.

For people who were not consistently living in their home, they would dip their hand in blue paint and put a hand print on the door. This would tell spirits to pass from the home.

The Hamsa is similar to the Jewish Mezuzah, that is placed on the door to keep the evil eye, bad luck and evil spirits out.

It was brought to Israel by the North African Jews, but was borrowed from the Islamic faith.

I have both hanging on my door front, including an ancient angelic Hebrew prayer and blessing and now an Islamic prayer too.

I love when two powerful traditions can dance in harmony and heal the world around us.
The Hamsa, or hand of Fatima is supposedly keeping out the evil eye, but why?
What is the evil eye?

The evil eye is is a conscious and subconscious act of envy, jealousy, gossip or hate, in which case, envy turns into a curse and can literally destroy a persons life.

An evil eye curse is given in three ways;

1) Slanderous thought
2) Envious speech
3) Hateful deed done by hands and feet

As soon as a envious thought or speech is uttered, an angel of destruction picks the curse up and takes it to the judgement layer of heaven.

The person who is being cursed, will have their book of life opened and the balances checked.

If the person who is being cursed does not have enough good merits( good karma) or verbal blessings from others, the damage will begin.

But, if the person who is being cursed has enough merit to pass through this evil eye trial, then the person giving the curse will receive the curse, 7 times greater.

They say that eyes are the windows of the soul, what and HOW we see, gives a blessing or a curse to those around us.

The sages of old say, it is better to receive a verbal blessing from a poor and simple man, then your invisible merit is greatly increased.

The Zohar teaches that we are constantly in the process of merit of life and death, good and bad and the balance it takes to sustain life.

A miracle is given to those whose karma or merit has accumulated for several lifetimes of incarnations on this earth.

If one is in need in this lifetime, the book of life and death, is opened and your previous lifetimes are examined.

There is a way to avoid this nightmare of evil eyes and curses.
Abundance comes through the eyes, as does poverty.

Tame your eyes, mouth, hands and feet,  instruct them away from the crime of curses.
And bless others, wish others well.

Even if others have what you desire most, by saying slanderous and envious words, you may be cursing yourself.

There are ways to remove the “evil eye” and the curses derived from it.
That takes a master scribe or holy person of great faith with a bank of blessed merit to remove it.

The evil eye or red eye, can be somewhat be dissolved by the blue eyed hand of Fatima.
It’s like energetically dipping your mind in blue paint and blessing every door and window or your life, no evil spirits or angels of jealous destruction can live here.

On the lower hand of this picture is an ancient Angelic Hebrew blessing that blocks the evil eye from the home.

The information I have shared, was passed on to me by Kabbalist, Sage, Mystic and Psychic, Rabbi Mizrahi.

Mr. Mizrahi works in the realm of energy medicine in the Kabbalistic, Jewish mystic tradition, to remove curses, obstacles and write new destinies through herbs and amulets.

Mr. Mizrahi, one month ago, blessed me as a mystic, to pray and spiritually assist others who lives are out of balance.

I’m still learning, but this photo, to a degree, can be used energetically to block the evil eye.

In conclusion we embrace the words of King Solomon and his proverbs;
“S/He who has a bountiful eye, shall be blessed.”

Bless others and please, be blessed.

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