Autumn Equinox – Embracing Change

The mornings have begun to leave a layer of crisp temperatures, getting us to dig out warm sweaters. Warming our tummies with hot tea as the leaves of green begin to change their hues to burnt coppers and rusty reds, we witness change before us.

It’s easy to go into a new season on autopilot, after aisles of markets are decorated with pumpkins, turkeys, cinnamon candles and the only indicating change is lighter wallets of consumer marionettes.

In the quiet interval of changing colors, we can take time out and sit within ourselves and expand our consciousness to shifting nature. As her constant ebb and flow of death and rebirth is demonstrating her song of change before our feet.

“This physical world, though necessary to our evolution, is the embodiment of impermanence, of constant change. Thus, we take care not to become overly attached to it.”

Quote by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, is guiding us to allow the changing landscapes to perform their cyclical duties. As we stand one arm length away, allowing the winds of transition to move effortlessly, without our human tendency to control, and get in the way.

Autumn equinox is marked by the darkness and light of the days and nights standing toe to toe in equal balance. Coming out of the harsh fire of summer, the sun begins to take a step back, allowing death to come forward, bringing the shadow of winter to earth and our lives. We are invited to bring ourselves into gentle balance of light and shadow.

Spirituality can sometimes just lead us to light and over indulge on the luminous aspects of awakening, where the sun is hailed as the chief component to healing and its easy to miss the dark side of the coin of dualistic change.

Nature is the master teacher of impermanence. If we allow ourselves to dissolve into her teachings, we can find and tear down our stubborn walls that prevent us from moving forward.

Death can seem to be a scary venture to embark on, if we imagine grim reapers and tombstones. But autumn is visually compassionate, taking our hands into the underworld of self. By painting the trees with vibrant reds, oranges, and reaching into earth and pulling out hearty root vegetables, that color our dinner tables with beauty to nourish us. Reminding us to slow down and keep warm as the winter season approaches.

We don’t have to reach the end of our lives and be bamboozled by death and the permanence of being no more. Nature has been teaching us along, if we were only paying attention.

Every great symphony, whose clashing cymbals and rising climax of sound, filling the theater and our ears with fortissimo of a grand orchestra, has begun with a prelude. The prelude is often gentle, the sound is supposed to be a quiet echo by just one or two instruments, that are whispering to us, quiet down and pay attention to the evolving song set before you.

Autumn is like a prelude. It’s a quiet echo that is reaching its notes to the death of Winter, the rebirth of Spring and smashing climax cymbals of summer. We have the best seat to nature and her theater of change.

The whimsical falling leaves, reflect the falling thoughts, pain and belief systems that need to die off our trees of life. As we come off the wave of light from summer, we can befriend the shadow of death and allow Autumn to help us enjoy the harvest of abundance of our past season and prepare for winter.

The prelude is softly playing. Autumn, takes out her painters brush and spills brushstrokes of heaping oranges, reds and yellows.

This artistry gets us to look up and see creation and marvel at the masterpiece of our rare opportunity to live, breath and exist in this beautiful world. We are temporary visitors enjoying our bodies of animated earth, as the prelude of change plays on, leading us into the next season of life. Through death we will always be reborn.

Happy Autumn equinox, may the colors of fall, spice up your life with warm meals, hot drinks, shorter days and longer sleep. Stay cozy out there.




6 Replies to “Autumn Equinox – Embracing Change”

    1. Thank you, Tania. You are the leading nature nymph, always sharing your insights, I am inspired to write my own. Thank you for thoughts on my site, I’m still learning. Happy fall to you and your sweet family.

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  1. Feeling your reflections deep within. Thank you so much. Fall and spring are my favorite seasons. Spring is the budding Beaty of life and Fall is inviting and showing us the waning of life. Both are full of different spectrums of the color palette yet unique in their beauty. I feel I am drawn to these preludes more naturally than I am the full blown drama of summer and winter. I like the softness of each (fall and spring) of these transitions. They feed my soul and physically feel better to my body. love you

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    1. We are similar in our tastes of soft preludes of spring and autumn. The world gives so much value to clashing symbols of extrovert actions, but then there are us kind of folk. We live in the contrast of bright lights and big sounds. I feel God the most in the preludes of living. I hear you in regards of feeling better to our bodies, I am the same. Love you Dawn, thank you for sharing my experiences with me!

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