My new philosophy, N.A.T.O.

A freeing philosophy fluttered across my over thinking mind this morning and I felt a sweet release:


Not attached to outcome.

What if we made our decisions, gave gifts, started a new chapter without our needs and agenda mucking it up?

Living for the outcome, is a mind overwhelmed with anxiety and fear.

Waiting for the approval and judgements of others is a taught flaw from our adolescent years, that we are “not enough” and we can’t get by without scrutiny.

What a free breeze a day can become when we act without fear of consequence.

I’m going to try that new “thing” I’ve been afraid of failing at for some time. It’s not about the final result, it’s exploration of the journey.

If we could all explore, for the sake of experiencing a new sensation for glorious growth alone, what a life of freedom this simple philosophy holds.

No agendas, no required results. Just free birds sharing a hippy sky.

Relax, release ourselves into the joy of curious play.

Come what may, my heart is open. The only outcome that is certain is death. Why live a hundred mini deaths a day and rob ourselves of happiness?

You be you, all majestically messy, perfect and I will not change you to make you more like me, because I need your unique experiences to make sense of my own world.

Embracing this new philosophy, the N.A.T.O. motto.

Not attached to outcome.

Can you imagine that scenario? No, don’t! Just let it be.

You are enough. A river flowing through rapids, carving mountains and singing streams isn’t attached to its oceanic outcome, it just flows.

We will all meet in the great sea some day so, flow baby, flow

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