Geometry and higher consciousness

“Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood.”
These words by scientist, Marie Curie, permeated my thoughts when I met by chance, an acquaintance at a government building yesterday, taking care of mundane matters.
I offered her a ride to her next destination.
While we were driving, we caught up, since she is studying abroad and only has a semester left of college, I was very glad to connect with her.
She asked me what I have coming up this year, I told her I was excited about going to London to take two weeks of Islamic Geometry.
She paused with quiet questions in her eyes, I told her to please ask me anything, I was an open book.
She asked why I was so interested Islamic Geometry.
I told her, since I was a young girl, I always loved geometry and structures of shapes and buildings.
I love drawing mandalas with a compass and ruler, and since I have Andalusian roots, it seemed natural to study the Islamic arts too.
“Do you want to become Muslim? She asked with a concerned face.
No, not at all.
In geometry we as a world, have something in common, the temples, churches, mosques and Divine structures of worship we go to, to connect with the Infinite, that is where I have chosen to learn about people, their culture and why God is important to them, through geometric and mathematic creation, we are all the same.
My friend nodded then asked me, “What if something happens to you?”
Maybe I am foolish but I believe that the moment any one person takes the time to understand something, the outcome of letting go of ego and taking time to understand another point of view, only peace is the result and of course, new friendships.
I told her that, at the moment, America is paralyzed with fear when it comes to all subjects of Islam, so paralyzed that there is little ability to separate terror from peace.
To judge a group of people by the actions of a few, is throwing the baby out with the bath water, focusing only on the waste of water, leaves the child with no attention. My desire is to only focus on the baby and nourish it.
She told me that she did not blame America for being afraid, actually, she did not blame America for HATING Islam.
I quickly stopped her, I can understand if people are afraid, that is just the lack of education and understanding, but to hate, hate … that is unacceptable.
Hate is mental execution, the spark of genocide where war lives, with the idea that the executioner is superior to their fellow human, in no situation is that true or acceptable.
I also asked her what her country thinks of Americans, since I will be traveling abroad soon. She was reluctant to answer, I told her it was ok, I would not be offended.
“Well the consensus is … Americans are stupid, Americans are bullies, Americans have no culture, Americans have no morals.”
I laughed it off, that is quite the belief of America!
After my drive, I felt enlightened and peaceful about my future studies. I don’t want my country to be seen in such an inferior light, then I will be one person to break that sad stereo type.
All I want to do is understand. It seems through the art, love and God is universal. Perhaps art is the path of least conflictive resistance. When we are worshiping our expression of the Creator, there is no separation.
If I love and embrace the mosques of my ancient heritage, and travel to the beginning to their holy structures, I will only find love in every wall, in every heart and in every prayer.
I study the Islamic Geometric arts to elevate the mathematics language of the Cosmos, and only work to find peace and love at its core.

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