Beginning Islamic Illumination

Beginning the process of Islamic Illumination, making gold paint my hand. I stained the water color paper with tea and baked it! So medieval.
I finally did it. After three years of wanting to go to London to take art classes in Sacred Geometry of Islamic tradition, I signed up for a two week intensive.
For two to three weeks I get to absorb the mathematical beauty of Islamic arts. I bought two seats, and decided to bring my brother along. The cherry on top is that my amazing sister Gigi will join us the last week. The three of us crossing the pond to new adventures. I think we will have lunch in France and take a tour by train of the country side. Giddy AF!
I think we will be the only Americans to have studied there. Maybe we will run some workshops or classes.
It’s 6 months away, so much to get ready for. Come on May 2018! My inner nerd has started with this. I guess I like to over prepare. I found an amazing tutorial by Esra, an Architect major who is a teacher at the school and is from Saudi Arabia. She is just the sweetest and smartest lady! I hope to take a workshop with her while I’m there.
I’m off to stir gold with gum arabic for one hour! I have Turkish Tezhip books and Islamic art books all around me. Life feels good tonight. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m going to enjoy the journey of art!

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